How to Disable Adult Ads on Android Device


Android users are getting bored just because of annoying and unwanted adult ads on their device. Some of popular application of Android is providing those ads on their device. Sometimes it showing ads on lock screen, sometimes in browser. So, we are going to discuss about this annoying ads issue and also let the android users to learn how to get rid from this annoying adult ads.

Why Adult Advertisement on Android?

Android is the most popular mobile based operating system. Google Play is the number one store of Application for Android user. As per the report of Statista there has approximate 2.6 million application in Google Play (As Per the Report of March 2019). Android OS is an open source Operating System, and development process of android based application is easier then other mobile based application. So, there has a huge number of developer of this operating system. There has so many mobile ads service provider, whom are providing advertisement on mobile based application. Using their advertisement SDK (software development kit) developers can generate revenue. And usually adult ads share maximum revenue on advertisement.

How to Stop This Adult Ads on Android Device?

By maintaining some simple uses rules of cellphone, user may keep their device safe from this annoying adult ads. Those are:

  • Only use Google Play to Download Application/Games on your device.
  • Check the application content rating before download/install application/games on your device. Make sure your application rating is bellow 16.
  • Use your browser in safe browsing mode. You can control your browsing mode from the settings of your browser.
  • Never browse any adult website using your cellphone. If you browse 18+ website, then use incognito mode of your browser.
  • Never click on any kind of adult/18+ advertisement.
  • Always block Pop-Up ads from your browser setting.
  • Keep enable Parental Control Mode from your Play Store Setting of your device.

If you can follow all these steps properly your device will never gets any kind of unwanted, annoying and adult advertisements on your device.