How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone/iPad


iOS users may face a problem to download media content on their device. The common problem for iPhone/iPad users to download video data from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as us well as from others sources. So, this article for iOS users to let them know how to download videos from Facebook.

To download videos from Facebook on iPhone/iPad, you need to install an application which is Dmanager. You can download this application from App Store. Click Here to download the application from App Store.

After completing the successful installation of Dmanager application you will be able to download any videos from Facebook. To, perform a test download, simply open your Facebook App. To find a video from Facebook. You can use Facebook Video Watch Page. Select a video from there, click on Share, and collect the video link from copy video link icon.

After copying the video link on clipboard, open Dmanager application and past the url data on search/past link box which you may find on the top of the application home screen. Then press go. The application will load the full data of that video page.

When you find the video page on Dmanager application, simply play the video, you will find a download button after playing the video. Press on Download, and your video will be available as offline on Dmanager application.

From the download page of Dmanager application you will be able to save videos on your gallery. Long press on the video you want to save on gallery, an option menu will be visible there, click on Open in, a pop up menu will open. Click on Save Video, and Your Video will be saved.